Are you ready to build wealth through real estate?

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The one-day course that takes you from novice to knowledgeable about making money in real estate.

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Are you thinking that it might be time to explore more ways to make money?

Since the pandemic began and changed our world drastically, if nothing else has proven to be true it’s that we simply cannot rely on one stream of income.

There are several industries continue to thrive and many of them are related to real estate.  Here’s why:

⬇️ Interest rates are at an all time low

💲 The stock market is at a historic high

🏠 The real estate market is roaring as individuals take advantage of low interest rates and new work from home policies

As we pivot in this new normal, there are alternative ways to make your money, make money for you.

Real Estate Phax is a course run by a 25-year contractor/20-year developer Tracey Syphax who will take you from novice to knowledgable so that you know where to start and what to do to make money in real estate.

Knowing that Real Estate is one of the best ways to create wealth, what has prevented you from investing?

Maybe you’re concerned about locating reputable contractors.
Maybe you are uncertain about your access to investment capital.
Maybe  you don’t know where to begin and thinking about it gives you anxiety.

In this one-day course,  20-year developer, Tracey Syphax will share unique strategies to protect yourself from the inherent pitfalls so that you can pursue this track with confidence!

Don’t let your fears prevent you from building wealth.

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What's covered in Real Estate Phax

Finding and selecting the right contractor with Tracey Syphax
Tracey Syphax is President and Chief Operating Officer of the real estate development company,  Phax Group, LLC.  He is an award-winning  author of the Memoir, “From the Block to the Boardroom.”

Additional Topics

Credit Readiness and Loan Preparation with Melinda Sykes, Credit Curability

Selecting the Ideal Realtor with Inayah Hart

Legal Phax to Protect You and Your Interest with Rob Tillman, Esq., Tillman Law Group

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Real estate investments are making people rich.

💰 – Real Estate is on the list for top-ten creators of billionaires

⬇️ – Interest rates are at an all time low

💵 – Real Estate can create cash flow

Learn how to make choices that take some of the risk out of real estate investing

Join us to learn how you can maximize your profits.

After attending Real Estate Phax, you will be able build wealth, through real estate with confidence.

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