About Us

Phax Marketing is a boutique marketing consulting group  that specializes in problem-solving founded by Cheri Syphax. Founder and CEO Cheri Syphax is a solutions-oriented problem solver with 20 years of sales and marketing executive experience and a wealth of knowledge to help your business thrive.

Cheri looks at inefficiencies in business and provides guidance that helps you  identify the missing  components that will help you  achieve your  marketing/revenue goal.

See Cheri’s latest project “Second Act” here.

Our Projects

  • Real Estate Phax
  • Justthephax

Cheri Syphax

Executive by day, wife, entrepreneur, and witty host of the Leader and Lover Podcast by night. As a mother, lover, and agent for change with a passion to showcase the magic of Black women and the beauty of Black love, Cheri seeks to demystify the stereotype that black women can’t have it all. She is living proof that a black woman CAN have it all, and do it with style, class, and grace. Now don’t be fooled, Cheri didn’t always have the answers to help women attract the life of their dreams complete with the man of their dreams. She, at one time, also struggled to successfully navigate relationships—that was until she decided to conduct her own inner work and discover the power to make it all work. Cheri now uses her words & wisdom to empower others to do the same. Cheri’s journey has led her to meeting and marrying her husband Tracey, launching them further into purpose and inspiring the creation of Just The Phax.